About us

This page is built to help you understand why we do what we do.

About Us

After actively educating students for a number of decades, we have noticed that many companies have tried to tackle the task of helping students accomplish their dreams. After comparing and contrasting the web pages available to students, we have discovered that all pages simply fall short of what is needed. In an effort to fix these problems this page was birthed.

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Computer animation



video game design



The problems with other pages

  1. Most programs are just a group of disconnected lessons
    1. Students do not feel like they are heading to a specific goal.
  2. Most web sites freely distribute their work files after each lesson.
    1. With access to each scene file, after every video, what do the students actually do? What are they responsible for?
  3. Students progress is not tracked throughout the entire course
  4. Many web page class projects are just boring and no fun to do.
  5. No certification tests are available to students when the coursework is completed
    1. Certifications are tremendously helpful for getting future employment.

ParaTutor.com fixes all of these problems (and more)


So what makes ParaTutor.com different?


Start A New Path

We have sat down and written out the entire curriculum with the end as our target


Cherish Each Moment

Students progress is actively tracked. Each video adds to the overall progress bar. Notes are provided to study by, Quizzes and tests are part of the coursework


Exciting lessons along the way

Students are given choices along the way and a number of assignments are open ended. Our assignments allow students to express themselves artistically and produce items that can be easily be included in portfolios and demo reels.


Certifications available

Our curriculum leads us towards our goal of providing quality instruction that leads to certifications and careers.