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     I have been a passionate educator for more than 20 years, serving students in Secondary and Higher Education teaching a wide variety of subjects. Along the way I discovered that traditional education is failing many students. 

     If the coursework provided in this web page fails you in any manner please do not hesitate to contact one of us. I initially started creating video lessons to appeal to every one of my students. This way of teaching opened the doors for my students and freed them from what was keeping them from achieving their dreams. 

Papa B

Chief Executive Officer |


ParaTutor is an incredible instructor. Very passionate about his craft and you can see how his students appreciate this. When someone is dedicated to what they do it makes all of the difference in the world!

Chris Curra

former EA Animator/former Video Game Department Chair/ current Game developer

ParaTutor’s class allowed me to establish an early understanding of what it takes to produce an animated film. I really enjoyed the studio environment of the classroom, which fostered a spirit of collaboration as well as the freedom to experiment creatively.

Trey Chavez

former Student/ Nickelodeon Animator

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Papa B, “Weapon of Mass Instruction”

A message from Papa B

“Education should not be defined by a building,

It should be defined by the student and their needs”



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