Hall of 


First up is one of my favorite students (I have a whole bunch of favorites BTW), Tymon. He started out with me and later went on to study Computer Animation at Full Sail University. After graduation he landed an unpaid internship at ReelFX In Dallas and got to work on a number of really neat projects. He worked on three animated short films of Wylie Coyote and the Road Runner that played before the movies, Legends of the Guardians the owls of Gahoole, Cats and Dogs 2, and Yogi Bear. While working on these, as a modeler, he caught some of the studio execs eyes with his programming abilities, and got a full time job as a TD (Technical Director). He then got to work on a couple of other projects including the film FreeBirds. He and the team that he was a part of wrote the code/system that made the feathers that all of the birds in the film were populated with. While finishing up that project he got an interview with Weta digital and eventually received a job offer there. Weta digital then flew Tymon and his wife out to New Zealand to work full time on some serious major league films like Dawn of the planet of the Apes, The next Hobbit film, and the last Fast and the Furious film. He is a Awesome guy and a great friend. He has a precious wife, 2 kids, and a really neat rambunctious kitty.


This list would be seriously bad if I didn't mention another one of my favorite students, Michael. After leaving my class this guy did not even go to college for more training, He went straight for the industry. Spending many hours in his room producing a demo reel, he later used a couple of contacts that he had and got a job working for 1080 Studios. At 1080 he got the opportunity to work on a number of TV shows that were later on the History channel. He worked on Life after people season one and two, and Jurassic Fight Club. He later found out that his VFX work on Jurassic Fight Club earned an Emmy Award nomination. Way to go Mikey!!! He eventually left 1080 due to a number of issues and decided to go back to college and study Aerospace Engineering, and hopes to get involved eventually in Space exploration!!! He is an amazing Bass guitar play in his band Stelae, and can be found playing at some event center around the Dallas area burning up the stage with some sweet fat bass lines