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He goes by the moniker of “Papa B” and he is the face and voice of 

Papa B

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Who would have thought that almost two decades ago that I would be embarking on such a lasting a rewarding career….

I will never forget walking into my first classroom as a student observer. I wasn’t sure that I even wanted to be a teacher. I got to work with a a student that was struggling to draw an ellipse/oval. I had just learned a neat method in my mechanical drafting class, and so I began to show it to her. When the idea sank in she made this face as she “got it”. I call it the “A-ha” moment. She looked up at me with that “A-ha” moment face and thanked me….. something inside of me exploded as I realized what had just happened. I am still emblazoned with that moment and I have sought to change students lives every since then.

It is my honor and privilege to bring this information to you. My earnest hope that the information contained in this page helps you in your efforts to obtain skills to build a lasting career upon.

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