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3d Animation Software



Clicking on the link above will take you to the download area of Autodesk to get this software.

Maya is single handedly the most wifely used 3d Animation program in the world. Autodesk offers other programs as well and in the future ParaTutor will produce training for many of them as well

3D Coat

3d Coat

This program is a neat little package. First of it is FREE for Educational institutions and as soon as you school starts to use it you will be added the web pages directory. I thought that was really cool. Its larger and more amazing older brother is ZBrush. ZBrush is widely used throughout our industries but sadly they have not put out an Educational version that is free for students to learn with. 3d Coat comes with many, many of the same features that ZBrush offers but it is FREE!!



Programming and Video Game Design Software


Unity 3d

This video game engine is the second largest and most used engine in the world. Once again it is free to use for students and educational institutions. The largest and most commonly used video game engines is Unreal. For beginners Unity is much easier to start with. Once you learned unity Unreal is the next step up. Unity is a strong and robust engine and used by many many video game companies.

Visual Studios

Microsoft Visual Studios

This program is by far the only Microsoft product that I would go out of my way to actually look for and download. It is the software package that we will use to do all of our video game programming in. Once you get used to the layout and how to operate in Visual Studios it will become loved one.


Unreal Engine

As mentioned earlier this is the number video game engine in the world. It has so many amazing features about it a list would bore you to tears. It is soooo huge that almost anything that you can imagine can be accomplished in this engine. ParaTutor is slowly making the switch over to Unreal Engine. it simply has too many features to be ignored, like real time rendering. At this time we still are presenting Unity game engine for our students to learn. This gives us as a staff in delve into Unreal ourselves and become very versed in it before we begin to offer training for it here on the page. Thank you for your patience.



Video/Graphics Software



If you have worked in this industry at all then you know how much this company dominates the industry. They have a couple of fatal flaws tho… They refuse to offer a student version for students to use for free. Most school districts and Educational institutions have licenses for most of their software to learn with. Libraries have even gotten into the kick and a number of them will offer computers with Adobe products on it. The packages that we will be using will be Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop. Future courses will cover Illustrator and InDesign. Needless to say if you have a company that makes this many programs that are so widely used, you are doing really well.

Adobe Programs

Software in the Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Photoshop

The blue icon in the center of the graphic above is for Photoshop. Photoshop has been the go to application to make, enhance, and edit 2d images. There are a number of Photoshop clones but there is only the original that continues to dominate the industry.


Adobe Premiere Pro

The purple colored logo in the upper right hand corner of the graphic above is for Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro is Adobe’s video editor. While Premiere is not the dominant in the video industry it is one of the big boys. Many video editor “cut their teeth” on this program to start off their career. Premiere Pro is really the program that set the standard for all other Video editing programs to reach up to. 


Adobe After Effects

The other Purple logo in the graphic above is for After Effects. After Effects is an amazing program that handles all of the special effects for video that Premiere Pro does not try to approach. Student after student has returned to us here at ParaTutor and has asked the question, “Why did we never learn After Effects?”. This program is so predominant throughout the industry that we have decided to present training for it. It is an amazing program and you should really enjoy learning all about what it can do.


Adobe Illustrator

The yellow logo in the graphic above is for Adobe illustrator. Illustrator is to clip art and logo’s what photoshop is to photography and graphics. Illustrator is a program that speaks specifically to “Drawn/Vector” images, whereas Photoshop speaks to “Paint/Raster” graphics. The first deals with points, vectors, strokes and fills, while the second deals with pixels. Both are incredible valuable but operate divergently different from each other.


Adobe In Design

The Reddish logo in the graphic above is for in Design. This program is all about putting all of your graphics together in a layout. This program allows you to produce a composition combining all of the individual elements together to create something for print or web.


Other Adobe products

Adobe offers many other programs in their suite. They have programs for web, motion, animation and many more. The ones listed above are the most popularly used applications and the only ones that this web site is dedicated to.