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ParaTutor is here to drop in the training you need, so that you can acquire the skills that you want.

If you have always dreamt of a career in the Video Game or Movie industry

we will help you learn the required skills that you need to know to get your dream job.



Education Redefined

Be in Demand with Professional Training

ParaTutor is dedicated to helping you gain the requisite skills that you need to get a job in the industry of your choosing. We are a quality group of professional educators that have each spent over two and half decades actively teaching and instructing student on most levels.

Jeffrey Bishop — Founder & CEO.

Learn the same groundbreaking software widely used in the Computer Animation and Video Game industries. Our training covers the exact software used in Hollywood and studios globally. 

From Autodesk Maya, to Unity, Adobe Premiere pro CC, 3d Coat, Photoshop, to Microsoft Visual Studios in C# we have you covered. Future classes will feature training in Unreal Engine, 3ds Max, Substance Painter and many others. We have the skills that you want to learn.

Jeff Bishop has 25+ years of actively teaching students from high School through university levels. His former students can be found in Hollywood, Video game companies, Freelancing, earning Emmy Award nominations, being accepted in international Film Competitions and competing at the highest levels.

What Our Students Have to Say

I really enjoyed the studio environment of the classroom, which fostered a spirit of collaboration as well as the freedom to experiment creatively.
From Dallas, USA
In the ParaTutor’s class I had the greatest pleasure to learn how to program and code. It helped me find something I love to do
From Oklahoma City
ParaTutor helped me grow, not only in skill but as a person. He helped me with real world experiences and taught me many things about college and life
From Putnam City
ParaTutor is very understanding of everyone despite race or background. He listens without judgement and always ask why, not to belittle or make us feel dumb, but to genuinely understand our reasoning.
From El Paso