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If you have always dreamt of a career in the Video Game or Movie industry we will help you learn the required skills that you need to know to get your dream job.

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About us

ParaTutor has been actively engaged in educating interested learners for more than twenty years ago. We started in this field of study when there weren’t any schools teaching it. It is our fondest ambition to bring education to anyone that wants to learn. We are developing a grass roots movement to bring education to everyone.

Former ParaTutor students are currently employed around the globe working on major projects like Planet of the Apes, Black Widow, Solar Purge, and Borderlands. They are working in great companies like Nickelodeon, Weta Digital, Gearbox, 1080 studios, ReelFX, earning Emmy Award nominations, Indy game of the Year awards and others.  

We believe

“Education should not be defined by the building,

It should be defined by the student”

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Computer Animation

In these courses you are going to learn the skills that will help you get into the exciting movie industry. Computer Animation has absolutely revolutionized Film making and Special FX. This is an ever burgeoning area influencing almost every area of our life.

Video Game Design

Achieving a better physique is about more than simply shedding the pounds and improving muscle tones. Our yoga and health wellness classes will help you to focus on both your mental and physical well-being.



In this class you are going to learn the skills that is the most employable arena in Video Gaming. You will be learning C#. C# is the language of most video games on the market, and is the very things that makes a game work.

Client Testimonials


In the ParaTutor’s class I had the greatest pleasure to learn how to program and code. It helped me find something I love to do


Papa B helped me grow, not only in skill but as a person. He helped me with real world experiences and taught me many things about college and life



ParaTutor is very understanding of everyone despite race or background. He listens without judgement and always ask why, not to belittle or make us feel dumb, but to genuinely understand our reasoning.



I really enjoyed the studio environment of the classroom, which fostered a spirit of collaboration as well as the freedom to experiment creatively.